Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Composites


Research projects

IPC works to further innovation and knowledge transfer through collaborative projects.

Research and Development through collaborative projects

At IPC, we see research as a major facilitator in our quest to continually develop and adapt, to meet the needs of the sector’s manufacturers. As such, we team up with French and sometimes international consortia to carry out collaborative projects paving the way for innovation and circularity in the plastics and composites of the future.

Pour sans cesse évoluer et s’adapter, IPC estime que la Recherche est un atout majeur pour répondre aux besoins des industriels de la filière. Dans ce cadre, IPC s’associent à des consortiums, parfois internationaux, dans la mise en œuvre de projets collaboratifs pour anticiper l’innovation et la circularité des futurs plastiques et composites.

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