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Plastic safety

Do you have questions about the safety of your products or the risks in terms of interactions between the container and the contents?

Safety: Another step towards meeting today's requirements

The issues of safety, interactions and migrations, weldability, permeability, ageing and the checks to be carried out are key factors in ensuring the quality of your plastic products.

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Chemical characterisation of your products (single- or multi-layer plastics, recycled materials, commercial materials, etc.), material identification, performance assessment.

Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds emitted by materials during processing or use.

Studies on interactions between containers and contents:

  • Evaluation of transfers: Migration of specific substances in the contents (food, cosmetics, medicine) and accelerated ageing simulations.
  • Evaluation of migration into materials: losses of active ingredients, aromatics, etc. under conditions of accelerated ageing.
  • Monitoring of penetration into material layers using µIRTF.

  • Assessment of materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs in accordance with EU Regulation 10/2011 and its amendments.
  • Examination of documentary data, global and specific migration, sensory impact, compilation of declarations of conformity.
  • Using calculation, modelling and analytical methods.
  • Instrumental and sensory methods.
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