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12 months

EIT Manufacturing

Budget global
600 k €

SCOOP is a project funded by EIT Manufacturing that aims to show the feasibility of economically and ecologically sustainable hybrid, flexible manufacturing process for medium and large-scale production. By combining various technologies, such as fused deposition modelling (FDM), post-consolidation and surjection, it will be possible to produce new complex structures with high-performance materials (reinforced PEEK with continuous carbon fibres).


  • To develop flexible and cost-efficient hybrid manufacturing concepts for the sustainable production of complex structural components on certified markets such as those of the medical device and aerospace industries.
  • To combine fused deposition modelling (FDM), overmoulding and the integration of sensors or functional parts.
  • Improved competitiveness in terms of cost and mass compared to traditional processes for metal and composites.
  • To offer innovative solutions that enable companies to compete on certified markets for hybrid, sustainable manufacturing as well as being a catalyst for the implementation of hybrid strategies on industrial markets.


The main challenge of this project is introducing Additive Fusion Technology (AFT™) onto highly regulated markets like those of the medical device and aerospace industries. Thanks to these hybrid processes, which combine composite additive manufacturing and standard thermoplastic moulding processes, the development of new complex, structural parts for specific sectors will become a considerable opportunity.

Furthermore, the integration of sensors or metallic inserts inside composite materials provides a new avenue for multi-material development through additive manufacturing.


The role of IPC

  • Leading the project in coordination with its partners.
  • Designing and printing composite parts using 9TL Labs’ RedSeries solution.
  • Developing tools for the consolidation of demonstration parts.


The expansion of hybrid technologies that combine traditional processes with additive manufacturing is a significant economic opportunity and must be studied and rolled out to different industrial sectors.


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