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Rheology and characterisation ; Thermal optimisation of tooling ; Product optimisation

Rheology and characterisation

Would you like to use process simulation to validate part quality (size, deformation, etc.) during the design phase?

Use rheology to anticipate defects and help you bring better products to market in less time!

Determine the critical elements to make your processes more reliable: process sizing, location of injection points, welding lines, the orientation of reinforcements, filling simulation, estimation of shrinkage and deformation.

How can we help you?

Implementation of predictive rheological studies

  • Studies
  • Digital training
  • Experimental design/digital twins

Rheological and mechanical characterisation

Simulation test pack

  • Specific test for automation tools.
  • The determination of behavioural laws for the creation of material maps.

Injection simulation

  • Definition of the feed system and moulding conditions
  • Analysis of post-moulding defects
  • Advice on product/process design
  • Thermal analysis of the hot block
  • Control systems such as conformal cooling, pot/core process, etc.
  • More than processes
  • Process/product coupling

Thermal optimisation of tooling

Do you want to produce better quality parts and reduce your cycle times through thermal optimisation?

How to boost your productivity and part quality

Thermal optimisation of tooling is a recognised technical solution for increasing the efficiency of injection and thermoforming process. It increases the quality of your parts in terms of their dimensions, appearance and characteristics.
In addition to these advantages, cycle times can be improved by up to 60% in the case of thermoforming.

Conformal Cooling

Reduce your cycle times and ensure better dimensional stability of your parts thanks to conformal cooling. By combining our digital and additive manufacturing expertise, you can optimise thermal control by positioning cooling channels at strategic locations in your moulding tools.

  • Improve and control the quality of your parts
  • Boost your productivity

IPC’s injection and thermoforming studiesoptimisation

  • Conformal cooling by die casting and sand 3D printing
  • Pressure and gravity die casting

Channel design

  • Conformal cooling on tooling cores and 3D metal printing (paving)
  • Pressure and gravity die casting

Optimised tool development

  • Pulsating Heat Pipe
  • Design and production of heat pipes using polymer and/or metal additive manufacturing

Dimensioning of 3D metal printing parts

  • Available metal additive manufacturing machines

Expertise and support

  • Audits
  • On-site thermal expertise
  • Continuous improvement
  • Advice, recommendations and solutions

Product optimisation

Do you need to confirm or optimise your product design?

Product optimisation: finding the right compromise between quality, cost and time

From the choice of materials to industrial scale-up, we support you at every stage in the development of your plastic or composite products. The industrial technical diagnostic is an essential phase, enabling us to highlight the shortcomings of your processes, the input parameters that could be optimised and poor production practices. IPC can help you optimise your plastics processes and adopt good manufacturing practices.

How to optimise your products

Foam Injection Moulding for lighter products

Make your parts lighter thanks to LINDE’s technology and our PLASTINUM platform. This technology impregnates your pellets with various rates of CO2 before injection, resulting in lighter products with the same functionality.

Simulation and topological optimisation

Simulate your plastic and composite parts in their environment.
Optimise product design based on the process.
Optimise shape, weight and topology.

Failure assessment

In most cases, a failure is due to the material, the process or the part design.  Let our experts help you determine the root cause and guarantee product quality.

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