Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Composites


IPC, the Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Composites

Promoting innovation in plastics and composites in France

France’s Centre Technique Industriel (CTI) de la Plasturgie et des Composites, known as IPC, plays a key role in promoting innovation in plastics and composite materials and processes. With its expertise and nationwide network of experts, IPC actively supports industrial companies in a wide range of fields, from the study and establishment of protocols to feasibility and technology transfer.

Key support for industrial research and development

The IPC technical center plays a crucial role in supporting industrial companies in areas such as research and development, innovation, technology and skills transfer, regardless of the production technique used. Thanks to its close collaboration with French and European technological and scientific players, IPC is able to respond effectively to the specific needs of companies, helping them to maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace. By promoting the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between the various players, IPC helps to create an environment conducive to innovation and the adoption of new technologies, enabling companies to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Specialized expertise platforms for innovation

IPC has three specialist expertise platforms in key areas:

  1. DIS30: Focused on the circular economy, this platform develops environmentally-friendly plastic and composite solutions, promoting a more circular and sustainable economy.
  2. PRINTER: Dedicated to the industry of the future and 3D printing, this platform supports companies in integrating 3D printing into their manufacturing processes, and promotes innovation in this field.
  3. HYPROD²: Focused on the development of high value-added products, this platform works closely with companies to improve their existing products or create new ones, concentrating on criteria such as performance, durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics.
    A driving force for innovation in the plastics and composites industry

Driving innovation in the plastics and composites industry

As a key player in plastics and composite innovation in France, IPC provides invaluable support to industrial companies to help them remain competitive and meet future challenges. Thanks to its network of experts and specialized expertise platforms, IPC promotes technology transfer and catalyzes innovation, strengthening the plastics and composite industry in France and Europe. By working closely with companies, IPC stimulates creativity and facilitates the adoption of new technologies, generating innovative and sustainable solutions. With its expertise and forward-looking vision, IPC is shaping the future of the plastics and composite industry, promoting competitiveness and economic growth.

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