Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Composites


Analysis and laboratory trials

Do you need laboratory analyses or tests on plastics and products, composites, films, packaging or technical fabrics?

The different analyses we can carry out

Mechanical analysis

Quasi-static and dynamic tension, bending, compression, planar shear / V-Notch shear / interlaminar shear, single lap shear, tear test, friction coefficient, sealing force, watertightness, burst strength, creep, tensile relaxation, Charpy impact, Izod impact, tensile impact, matting, peeling, climbing drum, shore hardness (A or D), fatigue, DMA, specimen preparation.

Physical and chemical analysis

FTIR, µIRTF, UV-Visible, X-ray fluorescence, moisture content, solid density / melt density, ash / fibre content, gas and liquid chromatography, internal stresses.
DSC, OIT, specific heat, ATG, HDT Vicat, combustibility.


MFI/MVI, rhéométrie capillaire, oscillatoire (cône plan ou plan-plan), viscosité en solution, Resin Flow

Control and surface

Optical microscopy, gloss / Spectro Colorimeter, roughness, surface energy, SEM + metalliser, layer thickness measurement, NDT exploration.


Accelerated artificial ageing, climatic, thermal, water immersion, WOM (Weather-Ometer).


Permeability (water vapour, O2, CO2, N2), overall and specific migration (food contact), off flavours (sensory), VOCs.

Qualification of composite materials

Complete characterisation of your materials, pre-pregs, and laminates:

  • Preparation of samples (machining, heel bonding, gauge bonding).
  • Conditioning (thermal, humidity, UV, various fluids, etc.).
  • Mechanical, static or dynamic testing from -70°C to +250°C.
  • Physical, chemical and thermo-mechanical tests, etc.

Failure expertise

Analyse your parts to determine the cause of a failure. Microscopic observations of a fracture zone, and rheological and thermal analyses often make it possible to identify the root cause.

Focus on IPC’s technical laboratory platform

The resources and expertise we have to help you bring your projects to fruition include mechanical, physical, chemical, and thermal tests, rheology, container-content interactions, structure, and ageing tests.

Identification of materials

Are you unsure about the makeup of your product? Are you analysing your competitors’ products? Our experts can help you learn everything you need to know about a product’s composition.

Technical sheets

Need to draw up a technical data sheet for your materials or products? Our experts will guide you in selecting the main characteristics to be assessed for your application, and help you draw up a technical data sheet.

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