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Biodegradability evaluation

Do you want to evaluate the biodegradability of your plastic materials and products?

Can I make my product biodegradable?

Biodegradability is of particular interest for single-use products, so designing products using biodegradable materials can sometimes be a solution, especially if the products cannot be recycled. Many environmental and material parameters influence the biodegradability of a polymer (temperature, oxygen, UV, nature and microorganisms, humidity, pH or even its chemical composition, etc.). IPC has the expertise to help you analyse your products.

Biodegradability in marine environments

Study the biodegradability of a polymer in marine environments with the ASTM D6691 standard.


Study the biodegradation of a polymer under industrial or domestic composting conditions in accordance with the EN 13 432 and NF-T-51800 standards.

Focus on IPC’s biodegradability technical facility

Conscious that the end of life for plastics is often difficult to control, IPC has developed the Biodégradix line to evaluate all the parameters related to an overall interpretation of a polymer’s biodegradability potential in accordance with the relevant standards and their requirements, whether that be for a home compost (NF-T 51 800), industrial compost (EN13432) or in a marine environments (ASTM D6691).

Do you want to certify the biodegradability of your products with a reliable accreditation?

IPC is TÜV AUSTRIA-certified to deliver a certificate of biodegradability for your products as industrial compost (OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL), as a home compost (OK COMPOST HOME) or in the sea (OK BIODEGRADABLE MARINE).


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