Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Composites


Multi-process manufacturing

Reliable development of plastic injection, extrusion and composite materials

IPC has a wide range of technical solutions to help you manufacture your products as well as develop new parts. IPC also has a wide range of equipment for plastic injection, extrusion, and composite materials.

Our teams can assist you at every stage of product development:

Definition and analysis of specifications

Selection of materials

Design and digital simulation

Choice of process

Definition of tooling

Product/process development

Industrial transfer

Injection expertise

  • Presses ranging from 15 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes with built-in infrared ovens and robots
  • A wide range of tools for testing your materials
  • All types of filled or unfilled plastic materials (PE, PP, ABS, PC, PA, PEEK, PEKK, etc.

Extrusion expertise

  • Extrusion of profiles and tubes
  • Calendering extrusion (sheets, plates) from 0.3 to 5mm
  • Film extrusion (inflation, cast) from 25 to 250 µm
  • Extrusion blow moulding (bottles) 250 or 900 mL

Composite expertise

A complete platform dedicated to processing composite materials (thermosets and TP prepregs, infusion, contact, SMC, BMC, stamping, overmoulding, etc.).

  • Compression and injection presses from 50 tonnes to 1000 tonnes (up to 450°C) with infrared ovens
  • RTM injection
  • Pultrusion line
  • Filament winding
  • Instrumented moulds and reactivity cells for compounds
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