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Support for the digital transition

Are you looking to move your processes towards 4.0?

IPC has a range of services to help you in this transition

The digitalisation of processes is necessary for the optimisation of your production facilities. IPC can help you transition to 4.0 with a range of technological building blocks and services to give you greater control of your processes.

Collecting, organising and processing data is now central to companies’ strategy for developing and controlling their production model.

4.0 must make it possible to extract data that you will need to use in a variety of applications.

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Support implementing 4.0

  • Audit and process expertise for injection moulding and
  • Support for instrumentation: recommendations, uses and procedures.
  • Support for experimental design and data analysis through studies or coaching on digital technologies.
  • Mapping the link between process parameters and product quality.
  • Implementation and deployment of predictive quality models.
  • Assistance with process settings and drift control to guarantee product quality.


Do you need support from digital experts in the plastics industry?

Augmented reality for thermoforming 4.0

A quick overview of the functionalities of augmented reality in thermoforming.

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