Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Composites


Selection of materials, formulation and compounding

Do you want to develop a new formulation? Compound specific materials? Qualify a new formulation?

Reformulate your material, compound it, determine its characteristics and, if necessary, identify potential areas of application.

If your objective is to “customise” a material (integrate fillers, reinforcements, MPR, etc.), compound it and implement it according to your product/process, IPC can help you select the right materials or develop new materials:

  • Custom formulation and compounding.
  • A platform comprising 4 twin-screw compounding machines with variable profiles and outputs, equipped with weight dosers.
  • Multiple materials:
    • Commodities (PE, PP…)
    • Technical (PA, PBT, etc.)
    • Ultra-technical (PPS, PEEK, PEKK, etc.)
  • Integration of RPM (Recycled Plastic Materials)
  • A filtration system for recycled materials.
  • Ring granulation and underwater granulation using an ECONCutter.
  • Improved dispersion of materials using the METEOR technology (elongational flow).
  • Production of samples weighing a few kilograms to several tonnes.

Selection of materials

Helping you choose the right materials, from the design phase onwards, based on how your products will be used.

Specific material formulations

Custom formulation and compounding of specific materials. A range of commodity (PE, PP, etc.), technical (PA, PBT, etc.) and ultra-technical (PPS, PEEK, etc.) materials.

Integration of biomaterials

IPC can help you integrate biomaterials into your products (PLA, pHA, etc.).

Substitution of materials

Replace metal in your parts or products with plastic, thermoset with thermoplastics, or switch to mono-material products. Our experts can help you make the switch while not compromising on your products’ usage or functionality.

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