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Would you like your product to be part of a sustainable development approach?

The main stages of ecodesign at IPC

First of all, you need to take stock of where you are starting from. This involves evaluating the needs that your product is designed to meet.

A complete overview allows you to look at how the product is used and to redefine its usage. This also makes it possible to analyse current and future regulations in terms of environmental impact.

In the second stage, the actions you have implemented are dissected using your knowledge of the circular economy to integrate ecodesign at the heart of the business model.

Next comes an analysis based on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), to identify all the items that need to be taken into account to optimise the environmental performance of the desired product.

The last phase is carried out using the C3R IMPACT(R) life-cycle analysis tool, which assists decision-making support by identifying the areas with the greatest potential. In addition to this first advantage, it also helps to optimise return on investment.

Why work with IPC?

  • Mastery of product design, incorporating the concepts of repairability, dismantlability and product
  • A knowledge of materials that enables us to identify the best compromise between technical performance and environmental performance.
  • Digital simulation, enabling you to size your parts to the exact dimensions you need.
  • Mastery of the manufacturing processes for plastic and composite parts to minimise the energy required to produce your components.

Our ecodesign solutions


Food and non-food

Technical parts

Automotive, semi-products, construction

Consumer goods

Sports and leisure, household, gardening and DIY products

Plastic product development and eco-design: benefits and implementation in industry

Eco-design is a process that aims to create circular products, i.e. products that can be integrated into the manufacturing flow as often as possible. Find out in this article how to implement an eco-design approach for your plastic product development projects?

Rémi Lorthioir, Circular Economy – Ecodesign Expert, gives you all the keys you need to know in this short video.

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