Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Composites



Do you want to increase the added value of your products by integrating mechanical or electronic functions? Stand out from the competition with innovative products?

Add value to your products

Functionalisation is ideal for optimising your materials’ surface properties, improving their performance or giving them new functions. Higher resistance, better adherence; in short, you can make more sustainable, higher added-value products.

Adding mechanical functions

Adding ribs, localised reinforcement, overmoulding… Increase the rigidity and strength of your parts while reducing their weight.

Integration of electronic functions.

Take advantage of our Hyprod² platform’s cutting-edge technologies to integrate electronic functions (sensors, LEDs, RFID tags, capacitive keys, etc.).  Stand out from the competition with an innovative product.

Placement of fibres

Integrate TFP (Tailored Fiber Placement) into your products.  Our resources enable you to integrate all kinds of fibres (carbon, glass, etc.), sensors (capacitive keys, LEDs, tags, etc.) or conductive wires directly into your reinforcements or technical fabrics.


Micro- or nano-structuring enables you to integrate all kinds of functions directly into the structure of your parts, such as appearance, tribology, anti-bacterial properties, etc. IPC can help you create innovative, technical single-material parts.

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